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man dressed in black intruder detection on building site Hikvision Vulture CCTV surveillance
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Security for the 21st century.

The graphic below shows a typical installation using a Vulture Site Box on a small construction plot. It demonstrates how we protect your site with an inobtrusive electronic perimeter and interactive deterrents. We'll secure your site as if it were our own, providing complete peace of mind. 

Site Box is our comprehensive, 21st century security solution. Built tough and adaptable it is perfect to protect compact locations, construction sites and vacant properties.

We have 3 different Vulture products, perfectly tailored to suit any environment. Vast plots, compact sites, retail, agriculture, construction... Whatever your requirement, we have a Vulture for you. 

Site Map
Vulture CCTV how it works site security map blueprint



Camera 2.png
Camera 1.png
Camera 3.png
Camera 4.png
Camera 5.png
Camera 6.png
Camera 1 Image.png

A secure electronic perimeter

is installed using multiple

cameras, connected by a

combination of ethernet cables

and wireless transmitters.

tony and builder small.png
Camera 4 Image.png

We use bespoke solutions tailored to your site to ensure robust coverage, particularly in high risk areas.

Camera 6 Image.png
Siren Image.png