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Vulture CCTV trailer remote security Southampton docks containers cranes Hikvision

For all your remote security needs.

Compromise and security are two words that just don’t go together. Whatever your industry, the size of your site or your budget, Vulture can protect your assets and provide complete peace of mind.

Vulture CCTV built tough welder sparks in workshop
Vulture CCTV site security building site scaffolding engineer hikvision

Site security at its best.

We know the importance of affordable site security that works for you. Our real world solutions are custom built for the construction industry.

Vulture CCTV retail security vacant property convenience store supermarket local shop hikvision

A Vulture for every environment. 

The friendly and sleek design of our Urban units make them the perfect security resource for retail environments. But don’t let their looks fool you, inside they are packed with a small arsenal of tech that make them a force to be reckoned with. Whatever your requirement, we have a Vulture for you.

SWL Security ARC Alarm Receiving Centre monitoring surveillance system CCTV controller SIA

Remote Monitoring Centre

Once a Vulture has detected an intruder, it sends an alarm signal to our dedicated state of the art Remote Monitoring Centre, which operates around the clock. Here, one of our experienced controllers will be able to review and respond accordingly, reacting within seconds to secure your property.


Vulture CCTV remote security solution
SWL Security SIA response driver in hi vis body armour checking property is secure locked gate.

Much more than just CCTV.

To us CCTV is much more than just footage after the fact. It's constant recording in full HD, anytime of the day or night. It's advanced motion detection technology, visual verification, audio interaction, rapid response teams, physical intervention and coordination with the authorities.

Vulture CCTV sign board on security fence compound

For security like no other...

rugged weathered red chevron

What is Remote Security?

Continue on to find out what we mean by Remote Security, and how our 21st century solution is transforming security as we know it.

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