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Your site and your assets need protection from wrongdoers.

Can your business afford the cost of remedial works from damage caused by vandals or down time due to the theft of tools, machinery or materials? Can your business afford the cost of traditional security guards? The answer to both of these questions is likely to be no. 

So, what traditional security measures are available? Obviously there is CCTV, but cameras alone aren’t enough to stop crime. Periodic patrols by mobile guards are cheap, but they can be monitored by criminals, at which point they become predictable and easily avoided. Night-time or weekend guards might do the trick, but ‘human’ guards are costly to employ or hire. Furthermore, they can be prone to needing sleep, getting sick or requesting holiday.

That's where Vulture comes in.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional guarding and yet infinitely more reliable, Vulture provides around the clock protection using industry leading technology. Minimising down time, preserving expenditure, protecting your assets and promoting the safety and productivity of your work force.

Vulture CCTV trailer against cloudy sky remote security solar powered compound fencing perimeter protection Hikvision PTZ

Remote security is a 21st century solution that’s much more than just CCTV. Our Vultures are a proactive security system that capture and prevent criminal activity before it happens. All encased within a tough shell, capable of withstanding attack from criminals or the elements, so they never let you down. Top of the range CCTV makes up the eyes of the operation, tirelessly watching anytime of the day or night. These advanced cameras are connected to a high-tech computer which acts as the brain, processing images and detecting intrusions in the blink of an eye… much faster in fact. This intelligent and robust on-site system is linked to our 24/7 Remote Monitoring Centre. Here our operators oversee the alarms triggered by our Vultures and provide human visual verification. At the first sign of trouble, they will audibly interact with the intruders via the Vulture, to drive the criminals away. Simultaneously they will also, where necessary, despatch our country-wide rapid response drivers or the police to provide a physical presence and ensure your site is secure.


Remote security utilises the best bits of existing security measures, combining and enhancing them with the finest modern tech. The result is an all-inclusive service that is both affordable and dependable. 

The key to your peace of mind is our end-to-end service delivery.

Vulture CCTV is the remote security department of SWL Security. Founded in 2001, SWL Security is an established, award winning, SIA approved contractor with comprehensive experience and understanding of the security industry. Combined with our state-of-the-art Remote Monitoring Centre (RMC), SWL is a formidable security provider.

Vulture CCTV trailer remote security solar powered car storage compound perimeter protection Hikvision

Remote Security

SWL Security SIA response driver with van in hi vis body armour

Guarding & Response

SWL Security young men in ARC Alarm Receiving Centre monitoring surveillance system CCTV controller SIA

Remote Monitoring Centre

Because of this, Vulture is able to offer remote security solutions functioning under one company; meaning that set-up, maintenance, monitoring, response and removal are all kept in-house. We are proud to be the only remote security provider that can supply our high-end service without the requirement for subcontractors. Not only does this streamlined approach lower the costs of our services but means we can react quicker in the event of an intruder and seamlessly coordinate a response. Furthermore, our in-house business structure, with on-site engineering and manufacturing facilities, enables us to provide bespoke options tailored to your requirements, no matter how big or small your site is.

As an end-to-end service provider we will develop an in depth working knowledge of your site’s security history and be able to communicate any concerns efficiently and transparently, without the involvement of any potentially unreliable external companies. We take care of every aspect of your site security, in turn providing you with complete peace of mind.

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